About aAgents.Biz

About aAgents.Biz


aAgents.Biz (Acquisition Agents) was established in 2016.

Having listed and sold the only businesses sold at the Agency he was working for, the founder decided it was time to start a Business Broking Agency where he could modernize Business Broking Services and Professionalism.


Professionalism comes from knowledge and experience; from knowing how to do a job well and what is expected.

Our licensed Business Brokers have a mix of experience that spans business academics, business ownership, and management in many markets, including Australia, China, India, Other parts of Asia, the Caribbean, the UK, the USA, and of course New Zealand.

Together we understand how markets and businesses work, and the key factors for selling a business – including how to sell them, their approximate market selling price, and who to sell them to.


Our services include acting as a Seller’s Agent, acting as a Buyer’s Agent, Appraising the market sale price of businesses, Valuing businesses, writing Profiles, and writing Information Meroandums about businesses.

About aAgents.Biz

aAgents.Biz Business Brokers

Facilitating Business Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions is The Mission of aAgents.Biz licensed Brokers.



Graeme Legg


View Graeme Legg's profile on LinkedIn  BCom (Auckland), MS (Stanford), VF (Harvard and MIT)

Graeme is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

He acts as an Agent to bring about the sale and purchase of businesses and business assets.

He is licensed as an Agent under the New Zealand Real Estate Agents Act 2008:

He can be contacted at: